Monday, January 28, 2002

"Every once in a while, the act of living life becomes so much more important than documenting it. which is a fancy-shmancy way of saying 'I haven't felt like writing.'"

No, not my words, but some that accurately describe why I haven't written since I went home for Christmas. Sorry to dissapoint you all... especially Grandpa who seems to be putting on the guilt trip in a major way (I still love you the 'mostest', don't worry.) Here is the compromise... for those of you that enjoy my writing, drop me an email saying that you would like an email every other week or so updating on any exciting happenings in my life... I still am going to do some cool things, like finish going to the Speakers Series that grandma and grandpa got me tickets for... Unfortunately I don't have the same daily excitement that I did last semester. I don't want you all to come to the journal everyday hoping for something to read, but i will send out a mass email on a semi regular basis-- but only to those who are interested in reading it, so you gotta tell me you want to read it ---

Life has gone back to normal... working, working, working and then some more working. I am doing some exciting things at work, that are very good experiences like being the managing editor of the monthly e-newsletter. I am also making jewlery that I soon hope to be selling at the salon, and I am working on a freelance gig making another sort of newsletter. To translate, I work 50 hours a week out of the house, cook dinner four to five nights a week, take care of the kids one weekend night, do extra html design work on the side, make jewlery an hour or so a night, find time to do yoga almost everynight and I'm also trying to pass a Finance class I'm taking extension from the U of MN. Not a lot of time for exciting extras, just a lot of the same stuff.

I did enjoy writing for the past semester and sharing it with so many people. It was great to be home over Christmas and hear from so many of my family and friends that they had enjoyed my semester along with me. I learned more in those few months than I proably have since that period of time I learned how to walk and use the toliet... It's incredibly flattering that so many people were able to and enjoyed joining me on my journey to Washington. I think it's a good time to let a good thing die before it becomes mundane.

Please keep in touch.