Thursday, December 06, 2001

I think not writing on my birthday or the day after means that I had a good time.

Michelle came and we went out after I finished working. A friend invited me to this concert/performance by "El Vez" he is a sort of Mexican Elvis Impersonator. It wasn't really a concert, it wasn't really a show. It was great, but way too hard to explain. It was fun although quite strange that I was with people I didn't know very well on my birthday instead of my good friends and family. I've been told that it was good because I am reaching out and growing... um yeah, but that still means I missed everyone.

Thanks for all the birthday calls and emails. Cards too. Thanks John and Kim and Grandma Marion (hopefully you are able to read this sometimes.) Grandma Pat and Grandpa JJ had already given me a card but I did get a little package of wild rice in the mail.. which was great. There is no wild rice in DC. You can buy it in a little Uncle Ben package all mixed with white rice (gross)-- it might just be where Page is shopping too. She's not so up on the Grocery shopping deal, not to mention the Grocery stores aren't so great here.

I STILL haven't gotten my present from Mom and Dad... that's okay, but it is sort of sad not to have it to open and feel like I've celebrated with them. It's not thier fault though, they sent it on Saturday. I think the mail is slow here right now. I suppose it might have something to do with the Anthrax thing still. Mail has been slow everywhere and one of the postal facilities it would have gone through was closed at one point. It finally came today but we weren't here. Hopefully I'll get it tommorow. And the present isn't the important part, I had nice messages from both of them and Dad called a couple of times until he actually got a hold of me.

I met Peter Bergen yesterday. The guy who wrote Holy War, Inc. and is the CNN Terrorism/Afganistan expert. Pretty interesting. I will write about it. Hopefully later tonight, but I haven't digested everything he said. I do highly recommend his book. It's a fairly easy read and is very insightful.

Can you tell I'm ready to come home for a bit? I wrote on and on about my family and who said happy birthday when I a man who sat side by side with Osama Bin Laden? Hey-- this is a good thing. It means my priorities are straight (family and friends) and the war isn't creeping TOO far into my daily life.

Monday, December 03, 2001

We went to CNN for class today. It wasn't that interesting although it is a different world inside a TV studio. There are millions of jobs that you've never even thought about.

We got to sit in the production room behind Judy Woodruff while she did her shtick. She was supposed to be talking about that new scooter thing that is getting a bunch of PR today. I think the thing is called Ginger and it's supposed to be revolutionary. It was pretty funny. She didn't know what she was leading into and while the live tape of people rolling around on the scooter was playing she was freaking out, then the sound went and it immediately came back to her. She picked up with a smile on her face and told the audience after the break they would be seeing more war coverage. It was pretty funny.

I never realized that the newsroom you can see behind the anchors is really behind a glass wall and it is the production room. They have video monitors everywhere watching all the networks, all the CNN channels and CNN international. They can talk to the anchors and immediately switch from live shots to b-roll or anything else. The LIVE that you are seeing is a half second off because the feed is sent to Atlanta and then Satelite broadcast.

Wedensday will be the fun day at school. Peter Bergin. The guy who wrote "Holy War, Inc." and has met Binladen will be comming to class. Anyone want a signed copy of his book?
I figured I should write as it's my birthday tommorow. You know, to track important events and all... tease.

My weekend was pretty lax. Work on Saturday was crazy. It must be the holidays. Most of the stylists are booked so when people call up to get appointments they aren't available when they want them. This means you end up listing off a bunch of other possible times while they hem and haw over what time would work for them. It takes about three times as long and people get all crabby.

Here are some tips to all you salon goers as to etiquette with the staff:
1. Don't show up for a walk-in appointment in the middle of the day on Saturday and expect us to accomadate you.
2. Don't have the staff at one salon call another to see if they can help you.
3. Recognize that the people in line ahead of you are going to be paying and scheduling another appointment-- don't let this bug you.
4. Don't call the salon on Saturday just to check and see when your appointment three weeks fron now is.
5. Once you have a cut and color appointment with a popular stylist, don't call the week before and expect to be able to move it... even a half hour or 15 minutes different.
6. If you're more than 15 minutes late and the stylist doesnt' keep your appointment... deal.
7. If you've been sitting and waiting for more than 15 minutes ask why... we've probably screwed up and forgotten you.
9. Tip everyone who touched your head. The shampoo people don't get paid very much.
10. If you have a gift certificate, still tip... it isn't included.

There certainly are more things to think about... basically the staff at the salon is working their butt off and no one intends to screw happens. be patient and we will try to accomodate the problem.