Monday, October 29, 2001

Today was an interesting day in school...

Our class got to meet the other proffessor.

I described my proffessor with a bit of detail on near the beginning of class and I've said that I really enjoy him, but haven't always mentioned how wonderful his lectures are and how applicable to the things we are learning they are. Never are lectures with out his real world experience being included. One lecture we watched a Nightline report he produced on Seirra Leone. There weren't very many pictures to include so we went through his whole process of making it an interesting and remarkable story...

Today we had a lecture from the other section of Journalisms professor, Iris Krasnov. She specializes in print writing, more specifically profile writing-- Much of our class isn't a big fan of Iris from our first meetings. I'd be a part of that group. Today changed my mind, sort of... I don't know if I'd like her as my professor, but she was incredibly interesting.

At Iris's fist job for UPI (United Press International?!?!) she worked under Helen Thomas (the old lady that has been a white-house press person FOREVER-- quite the character, she introduced Clinton when I saw him speak.) Her boss asked her the top 10 people she would like to interview. Iris interviewed all but 2 of them (Wayne Newton-- never got the opportunity, and Indira Ghandi-- assasinated before she had the chance.) Some of her interviews included:

Yoko Ono-- She interviewed Yoko at the Dakota. She was seated cross legged in on the floor smoking Unfiltered Camel cigarrettes, alternating puffs with sips of Turkish Coffee. Abover her was a large picture of John Lennon. She said Yoko was pretty nuts, but she did teach her how to deal with the death of her father. Iris asked Yoko how she could stay living in the same place that John and her had spent so much time together in. Yoko replied that she would have had to have left not only the house, but the city, then the state, the country, and even the world... it was impossible to get away from John. Instead she decided to embrace the good times they had shared together in that place and use it to help her through her loss. I am sure it was said a lot more esoteric than that, and Iris is a bit of a nut as Yoko is a bag of nuts, but it makes a lot of sense on a certain level. Iris also said that Yoko called her after the interview and asked her to not to detail her day as she had told specific details about when she went out and what she did each day and yoko feared for her safety.

Queen Noor- Iris was invited to spend a week with Queen Noor in the palace and touring Jordan with her. The goal of the interview was just profile, not anything politically charged. She had a variety of rules to follow. She said at one point Yaser Arafat and King Hussein were in the corner of the large room that she and Noor were interviewing in. She said they were discussing policy and she was able to over hear a lot of it. While this was happening, the King and Queen's children were running around the room "spilling almonds and jumping on the brocade couches." Later the Queen became friendly with Iris to the point of inviting her to thier bedroom and showing her thier tiny double bed and twin exercise machines. How crazy is that... she also said that the late king is very good looking... "the sexiest king she's ever met." --I looked up the Queen's website to make sure I spelled things right. My web-artist friends... the site stinks, she needs some design help.

Norman Mailor-- She said that Norman Mailor drank 1/2 a bottle of wine and 4 scotches at thier 2 hour dinner. He then said that the interview wasn't over and asked her to his room. She actually agreed and when they went to his hotel room he asked her to go into the bathroom while he talked to his wife. She said she was in the bathroom for 36 minutes and she was pretty ticked off at the situation so she decided she had carte blanche with his bathroom and looked through all his intimate things including his arsenal of perscription drugs and his Tiffany Razor-- she implied 'other' things too.

Billy Graham-- Iris is a little relegiously nuts I think. She basically has a thing for Billy Graham-- supposedly he changed her life. I'll refrain from any more words on that (see my Billy Graham Comments following the Bush Speech on TV if you'd like more commentary.) Iris wanted to ask Graham about his feelings personally on relations with women that aren't his wife. Graham is one of the only evangalists not with public scandel over sexual incidence. She didn't know how to ask him. At one point in the interview Graham's press secretary got up and left the room to escort a photographer up from the hotel lobby. When Iris and Graham were alone he turned as white as a sheet. She thought that he was having a coronary and asked if he was okay. Graham responded that this was the first time since he started dating his wife of 24 years that he had been in a room alone with a woman other than her and that he couldn't believe it. He was afraid of what others would think if they stepped out of the room together and he wanted his tombstone to read "walked with dignity" -- she couldn't have gotten a better or more honest answer if she had asked. Hrm... I sort of expected the other answer.

Barbara Bush-- Iris Interviewed Barabara Bush when she was living in the Vice President's Mansion. The Interview was one of Helen's cast off's which means if you know much about Helen Thomas what you might know about Barabara Bush has been confirmed (Fake Pearl Wearing, Husband Following, White Haired Biddy), but Iris learned two other sides-- When she arrived at the house 20 minutes early, Barabara very in a very "bitch" tone said, "well, if you're early you're just going to have to walk the dog with me." Iris obviously jumped at the opportunity to walk with Barbara and Millie (although this was pre-Milie in the White House fame) On the walk Barbara loosened up and became quite the comedian. She started talking about George Bush-Yes, she called him George Bush everytime she referred to her husband-- how wierd. ("Time for Dinner George Bush." "George Bush, how was your day?") Anyway, she started talking about how George Bush was as skinny as a rail (while sticking up a pinky to explain) and that Barbara put on weight the moment she got married (slapping her thigh to show her hips.) It was such a silly description. Later she said that Barbara turned into her normal family mom, but every time Iris and now our whole class see's her we will think about her slapping her thigh to show her added weight, weight George Bush won't ever put on.

So, it was a good day in class... much better than the last few days. I've got a lot of other work to get done today or I'd probably write more. Iris told a few other stories I can't remember at the moment, but it was quite the class. The woman is nuts,there is no doubt. She's a big fan of the Kennedy's, Billy Graham and Yoko Ono-- what a conundrum of ideals.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

I've gotten a few "buck up" emails and calls from friends and family. Thanks. It's probably just the changing weather or hormones or something silly like that.

I'd like to continue complaining, but I'll refrain. It's not fair to my "audience"

This weekend was fairly slow. My weekends tend to be that way. I did go out on Friday night. Out late, meaning I was a wreck at work. It took me until about 2 hours into the day to feel functional... I suppose that means that I had a good time.

The mall that the salon is attached to had a 'scare' of sorts. Something that made them evacuate Neiman Marcus and bring in a ton of police cars and a few fire trucks. Earlier in the week the metro station I use had been shut down. Whenever there is anything suspicious the train evacuates at the closest stop, moves once again to the next stop where everything is made "safe" again. It happens fairly often. I am not particularly fearful of anything going on as of late. I like the beefed up security-- lots of police presence, removed garbage cans from so many public places and lots of barricades infront of buildings-- still, often when I ride the LOOOOOONG (not exagerating) trip up out of the metro station I get a little creeped out. I am not sure if it is the danger of the station its self or the worry of what possibly could have occured in my 1/2 hour underground. Not much I can do about it as it's my only mode of transport, but I can't say that I don't get a little un-nerved at moments.

Sunday night, it's cold, my sheets are clean-- I want to curl up and sleep... I think I'll do just that.