Tuesday, October 16, 2001

I could talk about Antrax, but I'm not. Not even for posterity. I've had enough. I don't get enough mail to worry.

I do have a friend out there who should be sending me evil things through the mail. Erica... evil me, I forgot her 21 birthday. It was last Friday. I knew it was around now, but couldn't remember when. I am the most horrible with birthdays. I know my immediate family's, my Grandma Pat's (not grandpa or other grandma), Jen's cause it's in her email and surprisingly enough Jon Ventura who I went to highschool/middle school with and might not even recognize now (it's a month away from Groundhog's day on January 2)... this does not speak highly of me. I apologize profusely and wish all of you to email me your brithday's so I can remember them (or you could leave a comment and then other's would know too.) Mine's December 4 just for the record (tease). Oh and then there is my complete forgetting of my parents anniversary on September 5... I won't even go there, I'll just make it up some how sometime (they have to keep loving me right???)

I am going to Baltimore tommorow for WASTECON-- the big solid waste conference. Titilating updates to follow I am sure.

This weekend I am going Boston for the Head of the Charles. I would like to send out a congratulations to all the rowers participating from Minnesota. I wish I could be dissapointed that I'll have to miss the Boston College Football game I was planning on attending on Saturday, but I can't be. My girls Trish and Sarah will be rowing (and coxing)_in the Club 8. Also a special congrats to Katie who will row in the Champ 4+ on Sunday. Hardwork pays off ladies and I'll be there to cheer you on.

Monday, October 15, 2001

No-- I haven't quit or dropped off the face of the earth... nor was Clinton so astonishing that I couldn't think of anything else to write. The AU network hates me. Simple as that. I've either beeng getting a busy signal or a hang-up immediately everytime I try to log on to the net from home. I am now in the lab at school. I don't have a lot of time but I figured I put a few words out there at least to keep the journal from lagging too much. I wouldn't want to loose my audience.

My weekend was filled with dog poo. David and Page were out of town so I took care of the girls and the puppy. The girls are pretty easy, save for the social life of the seventh grader (never a correct plan, always changing things and adding a friend here or there... ugh, thanks for not killing back then, mom) Back to the poo. Puppies have no concept of going to the bathroom outside. The moment the dog leaves her little crate she thinks it's okay to snif and squat anywhere. Once again my mom is probably saying I told you so, as I am sure during my earlier childhood I found it okay to drop whatever wherever (hopefully not poo though).

Aside from various droppings, the weekend was gorgeous. Almost 80 if you Minnesotans can believe it. It's almost as nice today. We had class outside on the lawn and later I read the paper in the sun. It was so nice. enjoy the snow.