Friday, October 05, 2001

Yeah I seem to be in a writing mood. I am not going to complain. It's good for me. Skim, skim away... remember this journal is for me, not you... I just LET you read it (insert sarcasm two clauses earlier) if it was for you I'd put in a little counter to see how many of you all are actually reading??? hrm... that might be interesting.

There is a bunch of little stuff that I haven't mentioned but should...

GOOD LUCK LADIES This weekend, the Gopher Rowing team will compete at the "All Comers Regatta" -- what the heck kind of name is that by the way??? Did I miss something? -- well, it's what used to be known as the Head of the Mississippi. It's just collegiate rowers and much smaller this year, that must be why the name change, but why that name?? Oh and I heard from Sara G. that for the first few weeks of practice Wendy accidentaly called the "Bloomberg" the "Bloomgren"-- glad to know I had a lasting impression. Hopefully someday I'll have the moola to donate a boat and it really can be called the Bloomgren.... Ummmmm, maybe not.

THANK YOU GRANDMA AND GRANDPA My wonderful grandparents gave me the "means" (translation-- moola) needed to go to the Speakers Series at the Kennedy center. Republicans won't get a kick out of this, but next Tuesday I get to go see Clinton speak. Should be itneresting-- good seats too... A girlfriend from class is my 'date' for this speaker. I also have tickets to go see Barbara Walters, Sidney Poittier and Madeline Albright speak... perhaps one of those times I'll have a male "date" (cross fingers/knock on wood)... Anyway, Thanks a ton.

Jim and Wendy Set another place for me at Thanksgiving dinner. I made plane reservations to go to Florida instead of Minnesota. Evil niece I am, the last time I visited my Uncle in Florida I was in Kindergarten and I was much more interested in Mickey Mouse. Now the aforementioned grandparents live there in the winter and I hear Uncle has some awesome gardens. I can't wait... shhh... it's not just a ploy to keep myself out of the frigid MN climate for as long as possible.

Michelle-- BRING ME SOME WILD RICE from MN. They don't have it here... how wierd and aweful. If anyone else wants to send a little care package of rice I'd be so happy. Target Gift Certificates would be cool too (or is that stretching it?)

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Announcing this weeks Amanda's Book Club book: Honky by Dalton Conely

A quick read and a perfect way to compliment Debra Dickerson's An American Story. Which I am certain you have all read by now. Please do... it was really good. Anyway... Honky is the equivilant-- but about the white Jewish kid growing up in the ghetto. I am glad I picked it up. Certainly a quick read but Conley is a really good writer... once again, very engaging and honest. And gave a very different but somehow similar opinion of race/class issues.

Funny book quote: In addition to a dedication, Conley writes: "Your mamma is so white, she went naked to her wedding" ...certainly in theme with the book and made me giggle.

Oh and a disclaimer: I told Gramps and Mom to read An American Story because of the interest they have in race/socio-economic issues due to thier jobs as educators... not because I think they are bigots that need a lesson... Grandma somehow got that impression... oops. If you're a bigot, stay away from Dickerson's works... she's so strong willed that her aura would probably bite your head off and have it for a snack just by reading her words.

More book notes:Amanda has only read two trash novels since arrival in DC. This is a record people. I am trying so hard to educate myself... but sometimes Sandra Brown comes calling from the new paper-back pile in the bookstore and I just can't help myself. My new book is In the Eye of the Sun by Ahdaf Soueif about an Arab Egyptian woman... somehow poignant for the times but also 800 pages (eek)-- it looks really good.
I hear copies are going fast, but if you can get your hands on a copy of the October 1 issue of Waste News you can have a piece of history. No, not a revolutionary way to compost, but Amanda's first AD in print... yup, page 18... it's big too... about a quarter page. It really looks nice... not to toot my own horn (although isn't this journal sort of like an air horn stuck on blow?) but I am pretty proud of myself. What's really nice is that people in the office have been complimenting me about it and my boss even framed a copy for his wall (albiet a bit morbid.) Unfortunately I don't think the circulation even reaches the local Shinders... but, perhaps you could ask your garbage man if his boss keeps a copy in the office??? -- don't worry I'll keep a copy and bring it back to MN.

i felt a lot better as yesterday went on... perhaps it was the pre-wedding cake that someone sent my boss... YUM. Something gave me the pick-up I needed to make it through the rest of the day and on to class.

I have yet to talk about my night class. There is a reason. It's HORRIBLE. The professor is aweful. He would be pure punishment to get stuck talking to at a party. The man LOVES to hear himself talk. He can prattle on for the whole class period about absolutely nothing. it's to bad because the class is about advertising, which i find interesting. My friend from class and I stopped and talked to him after class to ask him for help on something. He droned on and on and on and on for 15 minutes. At first I thought maybe he just was bad in front of a group, but after my little one on one I wonder if he is starved for attention??

I went to the gym I joined after class. I didn't make it to the yoga class like I had wanted to. I can't remember if I mentioned that I had gone to yoga on Monday? It was great. I actually did a handstand. It was hard. We did a lot of meditating, which I have difficulty with (can't sit still that long) but we also did a lot hard poses. Anyway, yesterday I went to the gym and watched the West Wing... how? you ask did I watch TV while working out?? Well, the awesome-ness of this gym extends to the little bitty TV/Cd/tape things attached to each machine. You just plug your ear-phones in. It's great... you have all of the normal DC cable stations and can switch them at your whim. I did a machine for 65 min and was never bored, just watching the TV. I might go watch Friends and Will and Grace tonight... working-out, somehow manages to justify watching 'crap' TV.

As for the West Wing, I really hope a lot of you watched it. I thought it was great. It centered around a 'lock-down" in the White House due to a security breach. One scene focused on questioning an suspected terrorist who worked in the White House and the other centered around a group of teenagers in a program much like mine who got stuck in the White House during the lock-down. The questioning scene really brought to light the side of Middle Eastern-Americans wheras the scene with the kids was all about teaching the audience about Islamic Extremists in a very fair and rational manner. It was basically a morality play and I thought very well done.

A reviewer on TV this morning said that he thought it was too "preachy and self-serving"... I thought the preachy-ness was informative, probably the most informative of anything I have seen. He mentioned it sounded like the show was treating the audience like a bunch of highschoolers. Well, these were REALLY smart highschoolers and I am pretty sure a majority of the audience wasn't as well informed as they were. It really brought everything full circle and put all of the pieces of issues we have been hearing about into one place. As for the self-serving... the West Wing put off their season premier for a week and worked thier butts off to put together something that they made no profit on. How is it any different, than Billy Joel getting a few new lovers of his music because they liked the way he played on the Tribute for Heros? or Julia Roberts having a few more fans because they recognized her generosity when she donated $2mil to relief. I loved the show and even though I have been reading the Washington Post AND the New York Times everyday, I learned a heck of a lot.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

uh oh... there are rumours that blogger likes to loose long posts people have written... It wasn't a long one, but I just lost what I wrote... opps. Not feeling so hot today... the busy-ness and stress might be catching up to my body. that and my lack of working out... I did join a gym, but don't have THAT much free time. Is this the life of an adult???
uh oh... there are rumours that blogger likes to loose long posts people have written...
I wish I had a lot of wonderful things to write, but I think I finally have come down with a little icky-feeling as a result of being stressed and busy. I am doing all I can to function today... ugh. Not to whine or anything... I will try to write soon.

Monday, October 01, 2001

i should take a lesson from myself in marketing. I sent everyone the email telling them I had added the comments section, but then gave my audience nothing new to read... oops. The new doggy side-tracked my evening plans...

I also wish I had written last night as to not forget the details of last night. My weekend...

I had a busy, busy weekend. Friday night I had to pick Lindsay up from her dance/cottilion thingy. Therefore I was responsible for the girls and couldn't go out. I had a friend come over and hang-out for a bit (a friend of a friend, he's nice and fun to hang out with... someone to do stuff with for sure...) we then went out when Page and David came home. I have gone out with him (John) a couple of times and it's nice because he takes me to fun bars and such... Madam's Organ in the neighborhood of Adam's Morgan-- really good blue-grass band when I went there on a Wed. night. We were out fairly late because the bars don't close as early as MN.

Saturday, Michelle and I had plans to go to the Taste of Baltimore. We decided to just hang out at the inner harbor again. Baltimore is going a "Fish on Parade" thing... like Snoopy's on Parade in Mpls and Cows on Parade in NY. The fish were really cute.... a lot of them were really 'punny'... a MONK fish. A State GROUPER, but the Raven Fish was the coolest... it had Poe's "Raven" written all over it and then had a Raven on it's shoulder. Even better since we were in the home of the Baltimore Ravens.

The inner Harbor has a Barnes and Noble so of course we spent way too much time in there and then ate yummy crab cakes at a resturaunt with a horrible waiter who was mad at me because I complained (jokingly) that they wouldn't serve me something from the lunch menu. We found an outlet mall that was a horrible interpretation of the Mall of America but all on one floor... it gave me a headache.

I had quite the city-traveling woman this weekend as I then went to Annapolis to see Michelle's apartment. We went out and tried to find something to do in town... to no avail. Bad music and crabby people, it was too bad because it would be fun to meet some people in Annapolis... then I could go see Michelle and Other friends. I spent the night there and then we went out to breakfast via bike and also to a really awesome pottery shop. I usually am not into the pottery thing, but this shop was amazing... art that wasn't hugely expensive and dishes I would love to eat off everyday... gorgeous stuff.

then I came home to the puppy... how cute. It winned ALL NIGHT long though. Hopefully that won't last. David almost turned around and brought it back because he thinks it's too FAT and is worried that something is wrong with it. Not so... it's just fat. Lindsay measured it... 18 inches long and 7 inches wide... That is pretty fat. But it's oh so cute... it plays for about two minutes and then falls dead asleep... usually under my feet while I cook. But once asleep, you can drag it across the floor with out it even moving.

Sunday, September 30, 2001

I am testing my comment page
Lots to write about since I have been slightly delinquent...

There's a new family member at the Winstead's house...

A baby Black Lab... it is adorable. Don't know how I feel about the dog thing, but I don't have any responsibility to it so I can hopefully just enjoy.